What an amazing day! As election workers across the country continue the essential work of counting every vote, I am elated that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the next President and Vice President of the United States.

In spite of a pandemic, voter suppression, disinformation, foreign interference, and other challenges, the voters have spoken and our democracy has shown remarkable resilience.

In a very high turnout election, voters of all ages, races, and points of view went to great lengths to cast their votes.

Heroic election officials kept calm and ran mostly smooth and efficient elections under extremely…

By Quentin Palfrey and Jordan Usdan

If the 2020 election is free and fair, current polls suggest that Joe Biden is the clear favorite to win the presidency. However, the United States faces an unprecedented set of challenges to our democracy. An increasingly desperate President Trump frequently lies about “voter fraud” to justify greater obstacles to registering and voting, particularly among communities of color and student populations.

Longstanding racially biased obstacles to voting such as long lines and voter purges have intensified dramatically during the pandemic. …

An independent investigation of worldwide COVID-19 mobile apps found that several widely-used apps pose privacy risks to worldwide users.

The International Digital Accountability Council’s (IDAC) investigation, conducted over the last two months, reviewed 108 global COVID-19 mobile apps across 41 countries to understand whether consumer personal data is being used responsibly.

The investigators analyzed how apps collect personal data, what data the apps collect, what third parties receive data from these apps and other data issues, to identify concerning practices with app users’ reasonable expectations, privacy laws, and platform policies.

While IDAC’s team did not find egregious or willful developer…

As America continues to battle the public health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, another crisis looms: how to ensure a free and fair election in 2020. Despite urgent calls for nationwide vote-by-mail, Congress has fallen short in providing necessary levels of funding to protect the 2020 elections and has failed to require states to take action through online registration, no-excuse mail in voting, and expanded early voting.

We should not hold our breath for a broken Congress to act. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump clearly believe that easing voter restrictions puts their party at a strategic disadvantage. …

It is time for a coordinated effort between government, law enforcement, and developers to create an Internet we can trust.

The digital revolution has transformed our lives and our economy. It has changed how we shop, socialize, eat, exercise, love, and learn. As we stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, our online lives have intensified. Work meetings, play dates, happy hours, and birthday parties have been replaced with Zoom, Hangouts, and Teams.

Instead of getting on the bus in the morning, many of our children log onto Google Classroom and Learn with Homer, followed by countless hours on Netflix and PBS Kids. …

As scientists scramble to develop effective diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19, we must make sure that everyone around the world has access to lifesaving medicines, no matter where they live.

© DFID via Flickr

The COVID-19 pandemic has been slow to reach the continent of Africa, but the rate of infection has grown 43% just this week. While countries with well-developed health care systems such as Italy, Spain, and the United States have struggled to cope with COVID-19 — with devastating consequences — the pandemic is about to explode in countries that are least equipped to handle it.

In his 2019 State of…

I couldn’t be prouder of my friend Andrew Yang, who set the world on fire with his amazing and inspirational presidential campaign. As a candidate, Andrew surpassed the expectations of nearly every pundit, virtually overnight leaping from a political unknown to a central figure in national and international news, filling stadiums and inspiring admirers across the country and the world.

Almost single-handedly, Andrew put universal basic income on the map as a political issue, forcing every candidate and the national press to engage with a vital issues that are starkly confronting our economy, politics, and society.

But beyond that, Andrew…

When I first met Elizabeth Warren as a first year law student in contracts class at Harvard Law School in 1999, I was terrified. Razor-sharp, Professor Warren called on us in rapid succession, employing the Socratic method to probe our understanding of the minute details of the cases in last night’s reading, teasing out the inconsistencies in our reasoning, and slowly guiding us towards a greater understanding of the policy complexities underlying the legal norms we were studying.

Professor Warren’s brilliance and her passion for social justice were obvious even in the fall of 1999, as she refereed my friendly…

Next Tuesday, November 5, Massachusetts voters have an important opportunity to choose leaders who will represent them in towns and cities across Massachusetts.

The elected leaders of our cities and towns play a critical role in making many of the decisions that matter most, from education to housing to transportation to economic development to protecting our planet.

In Brockton, my friend Jimmy Pereira is running for mayor to create opportunity and prosperity for all families and to fight income inequality, health disparities, homelessness, gun violence and poor educational outcomes.

In Melrose, Lizbeth DeSelm is running for reelection to the School…

Moments ago, I called Lieutenant Governor Polito to congratulate her on her re-election.

Tonight did not turn out how we had hoped but I am so proud of the campaign we have run. From the beginning, this campaign has been about combatting poverty and inequality, standing up for vulnerable populations, and fighting for social justice. It has been about what role Massachusetts should play during a time when our American values are under attack. And it has been about building a genuinely grassroots campaign that respects, empowers, and includes volunteers and voters from all parts of the Commonwealth.

Over the…

Quentin Palfrey

Former Sr Advisor Obama White House OSTP; @massago alum; 2018 Dem nominee for Lt. Gov in MA

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